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China Shenzhen Capital (CSC) is headquartered in Shenzhen, China, and is committed to becoming the world's leading investment management company. CSC provides customized comprehensive financial services to many customers in various fields such as enterprises, financial institutions, governments, and individuals. CSC has many high-quality projects in China, covering energy, biomedicine, new materials, investment, cultural tourism, autonomous driving, equipment manufacturing and other fields.


Adhere to the spirit of honest cooperation, uphold the concept of compliance management, and build business partnerships on the basis of trust, frankness and integrity.

Focus on investment and financing activities in the capital market, with advanced financial innovation thinking, professional financial knowledge, rich investment and financing experience and successful cases.

Focusing on customers, we provide customized solutions for customers' needs and create maximum value for customers.

Integrity Cooperation
Customized Service

Energy Projects

China Shenzhen Capital has many energy projects, covering natural gas, oil, solar energy and other clean energy. such as...

The future output value of the biomedical industry is huge, and the pharmaceutical industry and the biomedical engineering industry are the two pillars of the...

Biomedical Project

New Material Project

The new material industry is a basic, leading and strategic industry that supports my country's economic development and...

Investment Projects

There are dozens of high-return-yield projects in which China and Shenzhen Capital has participated in investment. The projects under...

In 2020, the performance of listed companies in medical equipment, food processing, computer communication equipment, chemicals, general machinery and other industries will be eye-catching. Judging...
From the perspective of subdivided industries, the medical device sector has the most impressive performance because it directly benefits from the export of anti-epidemic materials, including glove...
Luo Ying, investment manager of HSBC Jinxin, said that the pharmaceutical sector has been very impressive in terms of performance and stock price performance in the past two years. The financial re...
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